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For Immediate Release: November 11, 2010

Sonoma County Awarded Energy and Environmental Design Leadership Award

Award is first for a County building and highlights County’s commitment to Sustainability.

Santa Rosa, CA (November 11, 2010) - On August 23rd, Sonoma County’s Valley of the Moon Children’s Home Phase 3 Addition was awarded Silver Certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) by the United States Green Building Council. This award reflects the first county building in Sonoma County to achieve such status and demonstrates the County’s ongoing leadership in sustainability.

Photograph of Sonoma County officials holding the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Award for Silver Certification for the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home Phase 3 Addition.

Sonoma County officials holding the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Award for Silver Certification for the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home Phase 3 Addition.

Appearing in the photograph from left to right: Chairwoman Valerie Brown, Human Services Director Jo Weber, Program Coordinator Laura Colgate, County Administrator Veronica Ferguson, General Services Director Jose Obregon.

Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Valerie Brown commented at the November 3rd Celebration in honor of the award, Sonoma County is all about sustainability. Environmentally, economically and socially, we are continuously working to ensure the health and vibrancy of our community. LEED certification for one of our County buildings demonstrates our commitment and shows that we are recognized as a leader in the effort to reduce costs and environmental impacts in government while providing superior services. The entire Board is so proud of the staff’s efforts and heartened to know the children residents here are in a top flight facility.

The Valley of the Moon Children’s Home Phase 3 Addition received the certification for achieving very energy efficient operations and for facility design and construction that ensured the occupants well being. To attain LEED certification, the project successfully managed construction waste, recycled over 95% of waste materials, incorporated elements that encourage the use of alternate transportation, decreased night time light pollution, increased the use of natural light, decreased storm water runoff and overall water use, and assimilated systems and designs that will optimize energy use year after year.

Sonoma County Human Services Department Director Jo Weber commented, This new building is extraordinarily energy-efficient, but the thought and care that went into the design of this project also gives us a lot of flexibility. We now have much needed space, but we also have the flexibility to keep siblings together, to group children by age or gender or the level of care they need, and work with smaller groups of kids. When a child acts out, staff can work with them apart from the other kids who may be frightened or over-stimulated by the situation.

Director of General Services, Jose Obregon commented, The County Architecture Division is proud of this accomplishment and sees it as the first of many efforts that will ensure that the Board’s environmental leadership is reflected in all facility capital investments.

The completed Valley of the Moon Children’s Home Phase 3 addition houses the Redwood Children’s Center and the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home support programs.


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